It is like the stray puppy that walks up, you can’t be too forward or it will startle and run away. You can tell the dog is hungry, thirsty, and in need of some TLC. This dog is on its last leg and you can tell the journey has weathered its poor soul.

What is this? A strange place, two humans, oh no! They’ve spotted me. It is unfamiliar voices, I creep closer, sniffing the ground around me, marking my territory from time to time to create me a safe haven. I do not see any kids to pull on my tail or ride me like a horse. So, I do what any dog would do, I wag my tail and grin.

I creep in closer still aware there could be threatening conditions lurking. Maybe they will have a drink of water to help me on my way, a hot dog dropped from the grill last night… what? Oh No, mam, stay back, easy now, I growled out. She stopped! What? Has she done this before? Met a stray lost puppy. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a treat, knowing I am famished. I drop my stick, tuck my tail, put my head down and eyes up to hers and gently I ease in to take the treat from her hand. She caresses all of my fears with the gentle stroke of her hand as I chew the treat in gratitude. Her husband standing there by her, helplessly, doesn’t know how she does it. “And what the dog doesn’t know and I do,” says her husband to himself, “is that the puppy will soon be flea-bathed, groomed, fed, and in a warm cozy bed with breakfast waiting in the morning. Just simply loved and cared for until God says a new home is prepared for the stray.”

See, what the puppy, the man, nor the woman either know, is this puppy had to go on this journey and sometimes the road is long and hard, others they are short and sweet. But, they all lead us to our destiny and shape us proportionately for the next turn ahead. However, the puppy now knows we do not have to live on scraps every day.


Alice closed the computer and went to crawl into bed with Aoife and her little dog. Alice laid there and wondered where this journey would take them next and how it would shape their lives. Alice was thankful she had the escape of life through her short stories even though they were all reflections of the moments she was living in. For a moment in time, she could enjoy being a stray in worlds unknown.



Mr. Goodbar 

  The only thing to fear is a fear itself. For this is the key ingredient in knowing what is worthy of investment.

  I had finally perfected it, well almost, it needed to be trialed. A well devised non-relationship plan. I have worked on this for two years and now it is complete. I separated three years ago from Aoife’s dad and promised her that she would never live in a home setting of such. Just a simple well-lain plan for a friendship while my daughter is with her dad, but a meaningful friendship, valuable, with quality.

  See the type of marriage I was bound in kept me in and shut away from civilization. I was like the kid crawling out of the cellar at thirty-four years old after not seeing the light of day for a decade. I wondered how I could have allowed myself such bad judgment in life to hold me there, but we all do it. We just don’t like to admit our faults and seek to understand why others do such things. I accepted it and never made a plan b until now. 

  We will get to plan b later, let’s get on to the part where I decided to call Mr. Goodbar, Ughm… Michael. The one who almost got away because I shrugged him off and almost didn’t get his card in the store on the corner, the night our energies recognized forces; his more so than mine. I remember the persistence in him assuring that I really wanted his number. I also don’t recall swapping names or shaking hands. The first time he spoke my name to me was on the phone, but I swear I don’t recall giving him my name. Maybe when he flustered me by assuming I was someone else, I suppose I wouldn’t retain that as much as the exit I was seeking! However, God’s timing never fails us. He is never too early nor fashionably late. When I called him on Sunday evening, he invited me to dinner at his place on Tuesday evening. I accepted the invitation for salmon, salad, and a roll with a glass of pinot grigio.

  The persistence of these two creatures, Michael and God that is, along with my perseverance and a dinner date has given me the knowledge I now possess of this abstract creature. Sometimes he stands as tall as the mountains, and the sun shines from his face. I would almost believe that nature loathes him and his passionate devotion like a tree whose roots are so deep, they are permanently there and any attempt of removal would only leave a gaping hole. He is an original, not a maple or an oak, unusual in a novel way. Like Jim Henson’s creations, yet reasonable, rational and consistent. He has this burning energy and man is it on fire, like a sleeping volcano who may just blow ash or go all out with lava and fire. He runs out of natural dopamine before repletion at times, one would assume he doesn’t really see why but only what has happened! He knows this and compensates for the rest in a large period of time, a hibernation of sorts. 

  Notional he is, logical and not lazily waltzing through life. He, like the sun and moon, have a purpose. He has a dream and a plan to go with it. He is a what if, speculative guy, convoluted, but yet stated. Just as the stars and planets, he will definitely let his gung-ho be known should a frustration block the path ahead.

  He will detour all routes to avoid any and all unnecessariness. He is a Christopher Columbus of the universe. He doesn’t dare see a limit to where he can go. An admirable feature to line the soul wrapped in this smooth, suave, young spirited fountain of youth; sometimes washing over you as a waterfall would and others just as the sprinkling of a spring shower. He is as donning as they come and the name he bears adds to the sexiness he promotes. 

  Funny, how you pick up on things that affect you in your life, like the sensory-seeking child I have who allows me to understand his need in life for stimulation as an adult. It awakens the sleeping child inside that longs to be free within himself.

  He plays and explores and tells of this majestic journey he has been on, of recent or in past times. The impulsiveness he possesses, one would assume requires a lot of self-discipline. Which, he seems to carry well as he is flexible, cooperative, and adaptable, much like the cacti. His ingenuousness is inventive and it shows through his everyday life. 

Michael is a definition of beautiful, Alice thought on her ride home.

 When Alice returned home for the evening to relieve Aoife’s nurse she decided with all her excitement she would wind down by writing the next short story for her book. 

The Epiphany: Fire ~Gallimaufry~

I woke up that next morning and it wouldn’t stop. This spinning went on for days, weeks, even to the point that it became nauseating! I begged for God to just let me reject this physically and literally. It was hindering my work, my daily life, and causing myself absurd clumsiness. I had a staggering feeling about this new symptom. When would it stop? But, Lord, mostly, what is it, can you please take this cup from me?


After several weeks of this, the spinning just stopped. It was still lingering, all around me and at times I could hear a faint cry of what apparently was destiny whispering my name to the heavens. It was like being caught in the eye of a storm.. you see the twister, you know it’s power, and you also know it has unpredictability!
Where will ‘she’ tear through and what damage will ‘she’ have left behind? Where will I land? What about my past storms in my life and how do they affect my survival now? “When, O’ Lord, will everything be clear? I am looking and listening, I see and I hear, but I can’t make sense out of it,” I cry out to the heavens.
What are all these words and how do I make sense of them?

Mercury, Gravity, Time, and Freewill and they are all screaming riddles at me!
I hear Mercury’s inquisition, “Do I really affect anything you do?

Gravity and his slogan to ‘join me in the clouds and dream a while versus staying grounded and disciplined.’

Father Time and his trio consisting of Past, Present, and Future and how they do and do not matter to one another.

Freewill and her power over the whole human race, of which most believe you actually control her in all areas of your life.
As the day went on, Blindness and Navigation appeared as clues to what the words I heard in my head meant. In the words of a dear friend, Rest In Peace, “You can’t see the forest for the trees!” Looking up from the echo, I chuckle and smirk, “Not Funny,” right back to the echo! As I look up, I can faintly hear him and God laughing at me! Then I heard my grandpa yell back, as he always did over nonsense, “Yun’s is all going to hell!” I laughed out loud, alone.

I began to pray, “Father above, I am amused at your wit and skill, as always. But, from experience I know they come with a price. Without fail, you guide me, always. So, speaking of guiding, where exactly am I right now? Please, I need more clues!”
Later that evening, I go home, kick my shoes off, prop up my feet and do what grandma always said to do when I get lost, grab my guidebook. I open right up to Jeremiah 33:3 call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know. “That’s exactly what I’m asking, what are these feelings, these voices, and these words in which I do not understand?” I cry out to the ceiling, clutching my Bible in desperation while sinking back into my couch. I am so numb and dumbfounded.

..I turn the page randomly to Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man determines his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
…again, Proverbs 19:21 We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.
… Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.
…Psalms 37:4 Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.
I walk away and breathe it in with a glass of ice water and thoughts of my grandma while staring out of my kitchen window into the great yonder. Then suddenly, it hits me..




 Because some evenings you just have a sweet tooth! 


I met him at the corner store just the next town over. I was on my way to play a game of three dice called left, right, center with some friends. I try to force me out since the divorce. However, we must have our chores complete and be well rested up and then I am free to slip out while Aoife, my daughter is with her dad.

I began stopping in these stores bought out by foreigners since the divorce as most oppose them. I have noted the excellence in customer service with a personal experience involved each visit. Most people these days work for paychecks and not for passion, these immigrants came to the States for a better life of equality and it shows. In our small town, most are waiting to be scooped up and handed what life owes them and in reality, they owe life themselves. Don’t get me wrong, we also have genuinely great residents here, it’s just that majority rules.

Typically, I would frequent a store where I hoped to meet up with those from our spots a decade ago. Now, I frequent the others in hopes of NOT bumping into someone I know. The specific reason for my stop May seventh, at eight-thirty pm, is because I have a medically complex daughter going through puberty. I am now, once again craving chocolate covered peanuts.. you know… the double dipped… the ones you can only find at Christmas!! It is May, a Mr. Goodbar must do, besides it will appease the craving.

I walk in to execute the mission, greeting as usual on my way in the door. As I reach for the bright yellow bar of delicacy at this moment, I hear a gasp to my left. On my way up, turning in to the sound, I see a guy’s eyes smiling at me over the end cap display he is melting behind. As he regains use of the muscles in his legs to rise, on his way up, at six foot plus, he spouts a monotone-gleeful “Hey!” Reciprocally, I imitate his tone and facial structure and reply, “Hey!” He inquires on where he knows me from so I name a few local spots that are names of people, he nodded those off in confusion. I ask where he is from and when his reply was Philadelphia, I knew he didn’t know me at all! Freak, I thought and carried on to execute my mission here. This guy! He follows me blabbering on and on as I assure him that he doesn’t know me. I console him in hopes of remembering who I remind him of as we all have a twin in the world.

I’m ready to check out and who is in front of me? Mr. Goodbar! He allows his son to manage the transaction so he can blabber on. Telling him bye as I lay my things on the counter before I can get my total, Mr. Suavé is back. He has his hands clasped flatly together as he approaches me once more. He pops one finger back revealing only a phone number. He reaches it towards me and asks if I’d like this card. I reply, “sure,” in curiosity. That changed the tone…
…disappointed now, he asks once more, “Do you want this?” Now that he has my attention, I let it be known that Now, I really, really want this card! I shove it in my wallet, pay and exit the corner store. The guy vanished, taillights and all before I could catch him once more.

Maybe he was in a hurry I thought as I pulled out into the road. As I reached my friend’s driveway, I pull out his card to confirm I didn’t have a blackout spell. Sadly, it is common for me to be in stores and bottom out and wake up flat on my back.

Michael Stubblebine, he is an Architect overseeing a local build expansion off the highway; a portion of land that once bore the fruit of our hometown with textiles. He is here adding much~needed jobs to our town that is now converting from retirement to tourism.

Why does he think he knows me, I don’t forget faces? Who is this guy who made sure our paths would cross again? Why was he so sure he knew me


The day you walk into a store seeking a Mr.Goodbar and walk out with a Big Hunk too!

when most agree it must be resemblance? Why the bold statement while offering his phone number with protected identity? Who is Micheal and does he know me?


The Epiphany



When Alice, a naturally strong young woman decides to just live in the right~now of life and just feel her feelings through instead of fighting them cropped-img_1071.pngwhile lying by her terminal daughter, Aoife’s side, fate introduces Alice to Micheal Stubblebine; a man who changes all of their lives forever. Unbeknownst to their~selves and with the help of the spirit~realm, they begin a true~life, treasure~seeking journey and because of Micheal and Alice’s deplorable pasts, neither of the two went indisputably.